Zoho vs. Salesforce vs. SugarCRM: The CRM Showdown

Zoho vs. Salesforce vs. SugarCRM: The CRM Showdown

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Salesforce has long been the leader in CRM. It is the most popular piece of software and it is undeniably one of the best. From humble beginning, Salesforce quickly made a name for itself and is now the top CRM software provider in the world. Like Zoho, it takes care of sales, service, and marketing and even has a platform that makes it easy to build apps that connect with your customers. The one flaw in Salesforce is the mobile support, which is a focus of the other two services.

What It Does

By coordinating inside and outside sales, as well as management for both sale leads and business contacts, Salesforce has made itself a powerhouse of CRM, no matter what you industry is. Not only does the software track sales, it also presents the sales that are most likely to close and finds ways to help close other sales. As your sales team works with Salesforce, you will discover how easy it is to ramp up your profits.   By connecting your email, phones, and social media, salesforce enables you to quickly and easily see what customers need to be addressed and how best to approach them. It keeps track of questions and your answers and makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your customer relationships. Prompt responses are a necessity when dealing with individual customers, and Salesforce makes it easy to make your customer the focus of your business. There are even direct marketing tools, to target just about any demographic.

How It Does It

Salesforce is also on the cloud, though the mobile apps have not historically been the best. Salesforce is probably the best bet for established businesses, those that are not as concerned about being able to reach their customers on their mobile devices as they are about having one centralized work area.


Prices start at $25 per user per month, with four different strata to choose from, ranging all the way up to $250 per user per month. Contact Manager, the first level, tops out at five users, which may be more than enough for small businesses, but not enough as you continue to grow and expand your business.


Just like Zoho, you have the ability to build and customize your CRM as you see fit. If you need a feature that is not offered on any of the pricing plans, there are developers that can build the feature, or you can build and add in your own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zyeiz4O8-k


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