Treehouse vs. Codecademy: Non-Technical Founders Can Learn How To Code

Treehouse vs. Codecademy: Non-Technical Founders Can Learn How To Code

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Two popular websites, Codecademy and Treehouse are aiming to help people learn how to code.

If you want to take lessons in learning code for web development and similar subjects, you can take online classes that are available today. Treehouse and Codecademy are leading the online code learning scene with two different approaches, and one of their programs just might be the one for you. Many entrepreneurs I have encountered in my life don’t really know how to code, I myself know a bit of code but not on a professional level. It has become clear that every business needs an online presence and every startup founder needs to know the basics of HTML and CSS to run their own website. Today I want to introduce two websites that want to help non-technical startup founders with on of their biggest nightmares, coding.

You can either choose from Codecademy, which offers a more hands approach with their lessons to interested students while Treehouse gives tutorials via videos and tests.

So which of these will be perfect for those with little to no experience in web developing to take? For me, choosing both will be a smart choice as they keep things simple in order for a “newbie” to keep up and learn all that is needed to expand their own set of skills in web development programming. Let us compare these popular learning tools from each other to get a better idea how they can help startup founders reach their goal.

Logo of codeecademyFirst off the bat, Codecademy is a free service tutorial and its approach differently which ensures that lessons will be given with a mix of fun and entertainment. A big advantage of Codecademy is that the tutorials and lessons are free of charge. Treehouse, on the other hand, is a paid subscription, but you can bet you will get the best quality lessons around.

Clients can choose between two plans; silver and gold. Treehouse also ensures that all lessons given are of the highest quality and clients will be able to make the most out their subscription. Codecademy covers all the basic lessons when it comes to web programming and JavaScript coding the quality of their lessons is top-notch. Treehouse covers all of these as well with the addition of iOS programming courses. This is their main advantage against their rival but do not be surprised if Codecademy offers this course as well in the near future. Treehouse also offers an innovative way of teaching which comes in the form of games and quizzes.

Prices and plans

You are guaranteed to have fun learning code which is a huge incentive for subscribers. Both are professional in their service and both offer best courses in programming. Choosing between the two will depend on your preference when it comes to the tutorials.


Treehouse-logoTreehouse tutorials truly shine for total beginners. Their startup courses offer the simplest introduction to the subject matter. Personally, I believe they are slightly friendlier when it comes to clients that have absolutely no idea in programming. As for their weaknesses, I found the pace of some lesson a bit too slow and some of their tests where too easy and may offer little challenge to test your knowledge. A cool feature though was the inclusion of badges which can help you stay motivated during the length of the tutorial. If you want to avoid getting overwhelmed by lessons regarding web programming, then you will not be disappointed with Treehouse. If you are not sure, Treehouse are offering a free trial so you can test the waters for yourself.

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Codecademy, on the other hand, offers completely free tutorials. While this may make you question its credibility, you do not need to worry as they give one of the best tutorials for web programming in the internet today. They cater to beginners as well with an easy user interface. Lessons are also created to make sure that everyone will be able to grasp the information whether you have little or no experience with web programming or coding. I would refer this site to people who are interested in learning code application and want to try it out first if it’s for them.


A drawback that I found here is that their lessons have limitations. They usually stick to teaching you with the basics and everything you need to know in order to start a career in web programming but that is about it. But I have to admit that they do a perfect job in introducing you to programming and create a comfortable experience when it comes to their lessons. While there aren’t enough content yet, the key word there is “yet”.

All in all, both Treehouse and Codecademy are high quality online tutorials that offer the best courses for those wanting to learn web programming and similar subjects.
In the long run, Codecademy will be able to offer the most extensive tutorials around. They are continuously expanding their courses and lessons. While they may lack some content, you can bet that they will include it down the road. In the long run, I believe that Codecademy will be among the top online tutorials around if they aren’t already.

Check both out if you are interested in such courses as I can confirm to you that they can offer everything you need when it comes to web coding, development, programming and even iOS applications.

Learn Coding

I know too many people who learned to code the hard way and without no help at all. Codecademy and Treehouse are modern services aimed to assist a wide range of audience, to solve a familiar challenge. I highly recommend that you at least give each one of them a fair tryout, before your decide on one of them.

Do you have any experience with one of the two? Do you recommend learning code online or in a classroom setting? Please share with us your thoughts and ideas in the comment section bellow.

Happy Coding!



  1. I agree that even a non-technical founder should learn some html/css basics. I found it quite boring to learn these languages though, so after few html lessons on Codeacademy I opted for their Python course, which was quite good. An even better course for Python is Computer science 101 on Udacity ( Udacity btw also hosts an amazing course on lean startups taught by Steve Blank)

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