Top Document Management Tips For Startups

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    6. Color code file folderscrayons-627895_640

    When you simply must have paper documents on site, make it easy for employees to find, store and retrieve what they need. Make sure every file folder is clearly labeled in large, dark print. It’s also a good idea to color code files so they are easy to sort for filing. Consider blue folders for product information, red for purchase orders, green for sales orders — or whatever code you decide to use.

    Emphasize the importance of color code rules to your team. While you’re at it, make sure they have consistent rules for assigning customer, partner and supplier names that include acronyms, common words such as “the” and abbreviations. Defining the rules up front will prevent many filing errors, saving you time and aggravation when you need to consult a specific document.



    7. Don’t let files pile up

    The best filing system and clearly labeled folders won’t help if they aren’t filed properly. Make sure that all employees know how to file and put back the folders they remove. Believe it or not, filing is a skill that many people never master. Unfiled folders look sloppy, and they waste time and resources as the team frantically hunts for the documents they need.




    8. Archive

    Clutter comes in electronic and paper versions, and both kinds drain productivity. One way to reduce clutter is to have a clear archiving policy. An ECM system can automatically archive documents according to your defined rules, so be sure to define a policy. Use slow periods to archive paper files. With clean, organized document management, your staff will be productive, efficient and ready to help the company grow.


    Denny Hammack is the President of FileSolve, an industry-leading provider of electronic document solutions. FileSolve provides software & traditional services to a wide range of industries and departments throughout specific U.S. Markets.

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