Top Document Management Tips For Startups

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    4. Knowledge Management is Key

    While you’re setting up your new ECM system, take the time to develop a logical folder hierarchy. If you don’t, your staff will eventually have trouble finding the documents they need. They will turn to paper copies or duplicate files, leaving you with a mess to clean later. If nobody in your organization has the time or energy to spend on designing an effective management system and folder structure, work with an outside consultant who can quickly understand your organization. Experienced consultants are usually already familiar with the legal requirements for most industries, so that will help you to get started easily.



    5. Disaster recovery

    In a startup, optimism rules. However, we all know that problems happen. Make sure you’ve protected both your electronic and paper documents with an effective disaster recovery option. If you are using the cloud for your electronic document storage, your ECM cloud provider can help make sure you’re covered for fire, flood, terrorist attacks or whatever else may come your way.hard-disk-42935_1280

    However, even the most digitized organization will have some paper. Be sure to provide for the safety and security of important papers such as patents, key contracts and product designs. Once again, your ECM provider may be able to advise you on the best way to store paper documents to prevent damage or loss in a disaster.

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    Top Document Management Tips For Startups


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