Top Document Management Tips For Startups

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    2. Use ECM for collaboration

    Startups have small teams that need to collaborate on many issues, whether it’s the copy for your first ad, the terms on your first big deal, or even the design of your product. Use an Electronic Content Management (ECM) system to ensure that the team can find and share what they need quickly. Digitizing as many documents as possible will save money and time that you would otherwise spend on filing, storing and retrieving paper documents.

    An ECM can also help with archiving documents that are no longer required or that have been replaced by newer versions, making workers more productive and efficient while reducing the potential for errors.

    Cloud Storage

    3. Cloud

    It makes no sense to replace one mundane, non-value added task — filing documents — with another equally mundane task — system backups and disaster recovery planning. Consider using the cloud as your document repository. Most ECM providers offer a cloud option, and it can simplify storage and retrieval of documents.

    Your team can access the information they need any time, from anywhere, using any device equipped with a modern browser. The cloud provider will offer guaranteed service levels, and it’s the provider’s job to manage backups and disaster recovery options. You have enough to worry about with getting your company off the ground.

    Start the organization on the right foot by turning to the cloud whenever possible for your essential business systems such as ECM.

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    Top Document Management Tips For Startups


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