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As your business grows, it becomes more and more vital that you have impeccable customer service.

For even small companies can benefit from the right customer relationship management, though many believe that they are too small or too small-time to really utilize CRM software. This is completely false. When it comes to CRM, the only requirement is that you have customers that need to be contacted, questions and complaints that need to be handled, and the knowledge that software handling your customer relations is sometimes the best course of action. Zoho Vs. SugarCRM vs. Sales Force While it may seem logical to keep your CRM in house and to handle it on your own, since you know your company better than anyone, the reality is that technology like CRM software makes your life a hundred time easier. It does more than just stay on top of your contacts. It keeps track of your marketing, of your sale numbers, of email listings, and even your documents. And when it comes to CRM systems, there are none better than Zoho, Salesforce, and SugarCRM. But which is right for your business? We have the side by side comparison to help you find the right software for all of your customer relationship management needs.Customer Management System Each software is going to be rated by what features it has, how accessible it is, how expensive it is, and how easy it is to customize it to your business. You already know how important it is to be able to customize things to your needs—the same goes for CRM. Ready to start? Here is our comparison of Zoho, Salesforce and SugarCRM


Zoho was one of the first customer relationship management software to hit the shelves. In operation since 2006, it’s eight years of experience show in the way that it evolves and operates. With lots of different features to choose from and the ability to build your own features as necessary, it’s going to be difficult to beat out Zoho in this CRM showdown. Like any software, however, it does have its own drawbacks and limitations, but there are plenty of options, even for those who only want to utilize the free version.

What It Does

When it comes to CRM, you want something full-service. You want it to both capture leads and make your life easier and more productive. You want things to be streamlined and you do not want to have to worry about whether or not your CRM is working, even if you are not prompting it to. This is the beauty of Zoho. Zoho is on and working to improve your business relationships, whether or not you are in the office. You get real-time tracking and real-time reports on individual customers, not just on your base as a whole. Did one of your customers come to your website, put some things in the cart, and then leave? Zoho will let you know, even pinpointing where each customer is on the sales funnel. You can even keep track of your competitors, see what they are doing and learn how to utilize it for your business. It even keeps you up to date with all of your social media profiles. Now more than ever, it is vital that you stay on top of social media, not just keeping your page updated, but replying to questions and concerns that your customers leave there. From sending invites to connecting with customers, you are covered with Zoho.

How It Does It

Zoho takes CRM into the cloud, keeping all of your information safely stored on the web, so even if your physical system crashes, you’ve got all of your customer information and data completely backed up, ready to go. That also means that you’ve got your customer relationship management wherever you go. Like most people, you are probably more mobile than you realize. You want to be able to stay up to date whether you are sitting in your office or on the train home. Business is no longer focused just on a single location. Your business may not even have a single location. If you work from home (and from wherever you have to be at the moment), you want to be able to access your CRM even on your mobile device. Zoho is available on Apple and Android products and even syncs with any Google App, from emails, to docs, to calendars, to tasks.


If you’re an entrepreneur, you are in luck. For up to three users (which could be two more users than there are people in your company), Zoho CRM is completely free. You get everything from lead management to social CRM, for $0/month. If you need more power, there is a standard, professional, and enterprise system, which are $12, $20, and $35/month/user respectively. Each step in the plan has more features and makes your life even more productive.


Zoho is probably one of the most customizable pieces of CRM software ever made. If you need a custom feature, there are developers standing by to make it for you. You can even build your own feature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0yKvr4BWvA