About Startup Bloggers

About Startup Bloggers

Hello World! Welcome To Startup Bloggers

I’m Avishai Sam Bitton and I am the person behind the Startup Bloggers a blog that is all about supporting startup founders with knowledge and tools for their business.

I am the founder of Go Social and the Marketing Manager at imonomy. Most of my time is dedicated to internet marketing and social media, my day-to-day life is a fast paced startup life. I am a geek, gamer, news addict and business entrepreneur. I opened my first business at the age of 15, served in the military for 3 years, and finished my B.A. before anyone else from my High School. I have already built two successful businesses that are still active but not managed by me one a day-to-day basis. Currently I am studying a Master degree in Organizational Consulting at IDC Herzliya RRIS, the decision to pursue this path came after I had some success in consulting for small businesses.

Why did I start this blog?

I hope that the Startup Bloggers blog will help entrepreneurs from all over the world on their journey to build an amazing startup company. I am a strong believer that entrepreneurship is something that runs in a persons DNA and if you have what it takes you can never lose that touch. In my B.A. final project I researched the question “How entrepreneurs are born”, the truth is their was not one conceive reason, and therefore I believe that to be a business owner you must have a X factor running inside you. My family comes from a strong entrepreneurial background, my dear uncle was president of Guess at one point of his life, and my father is veteran restaurateur, with over 20 years of experience, these facts are probably not the sole reason I have pursued entrepreneurial adventures, but I am sure it must have contributed greatly.

Today I am learning what my family before me already had time to forget, and when I do learn something new I will try to blog about it on Startup Bloggers. If you follow my blog you will find a lot of great tips and guides, that in turn can help you with your startup business. My vision is to build a community filled with contributors that share a their passion and knowledge of the startup life.

Startup Bloggers, Me presenting

You might be still wondering if my blog posts will teach you anything or if my advice will be worth your time, therefore you are more than invited to read some of the recommendations I have received in the past few years:


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As you can see, this blog is not operated by a team of bloggers or wannabe guru’s, I am a full time startup professional with entrepreneurial experience.

If you have any personal question or request, please feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected], you can also send me an invite on LinkedIn or connect with me on Facebook.



Q: Does the blog accept Guest Posts?

A: Yes, send me an email or fill in the contact form for more details about guest posting.

Q: How often will the blog be updated?

A: Our mission is to post fresh content as soon as possible, there are no regular days or hours for blog posts, and subscribing is the easiest way to stay updated.

Q: How are you making money?

A: Currently Startup Bloggers has no intention to turn a profit, affiliate ads will only be used to cover operational costs of the blog.


I hope that you now have a better understanding about our blog. Thanks for visiting Startup Bloggers.