Startup Bloggers Launch!

Startup Bloggers Launch!

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Welcome to Startup Bloggers a blog for startup lovers that’s managed by real startup teams and founders.

Startup Bloggers Vision

We want to blog about the best guides and tools for entrepreneurs and their startup, our mission is to give our readers with the best tips, tutorials, hacks, discounts and stories from startup founders and their teams.

What will you find here?

Advice for startups, technology news, introductions to new startups, useful tools for entrepreneurs, product reviews, life stories from startup founders, employees and more. Expect to learn something new every day you visit our blog, prepare to meet a passionate community of startups that love to blog about startups and innovation.


What is a startup?
In case you didn’t know


What are we looking for?


Startup Bloggers is looking for professionals of all fields to contribute to our community, to see how you can guest post please see our guest post guidelines. If you want to intern for us part-time please send us your CV, we may not have much money to offer but we do have many connections.

Key partners
We are looking for key partners

News and Press Releases

If your startup has a press release or you want to share news about what is going on feel free to send it over, we can’t promise that every press release we receive will get published, but we can give you some tips on how you can increase your chances, visit our news and press release requirements for more.

Apps, Tools, Tutorials, Stories.

All sorts of programs, tools, advice, and tutorials that can help entrepreneurs from all industries. Helpful or insightful stories, about you as an entrepreneur or your startup. We want to help others learn from your lessons, teach newbie startups how to save time and money by sharing your personal experiences.


We want to promote startups but not in a bias way, if you want your product or service reviewed by us please send us a detailed email explaining everything you think we need to know. The more information you give us the easier it is for us, don’t forget to send in the story behind your product and company.

What are we not looking for?

We don’t accept sponsored reviews, which means that all products will be objectively reviewed, only after a service or product gets a high rating from us we will look into the possibility of becoming an affiliate. We are not looking to create any income so please do not offer us ways to monetize our website, we are a community and not a business. The website will keep a minimum amount of ads and will only do so in order to pay for its maintenance costs.


Marketing Startups
Need resources to market your startup? Startup Blogger has you covered

Who founded this blog?

My name is Avishai Sam Bitton and I am the founder of this blog. I work as a marketing manager at a young Israeli technological startup from Tel Aviv, the second best place in the world  to build a startup. If you want to know more about me and my experience you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

“We live in an ICE age, the age of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship”

If you have any inquires or requests please feel free to contact us via our email [email protected] or our contact form.

Hi, my name is Avishai. I am the Founder of Oribi. I love Internet Startups, PC gaming, Star Wars, Blogging, Photography, LinkedIn and Chess. Feel free to drop me a message and connect with me on all the socials, you will be surprised by the amount of free advice I giveaway.


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