Organizational Development Can Help Mature Startups

Organizational Development Can Help Mature Startups

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Organizational Development Is Becoming A Popular Term With Mature Startups.

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As an Organizational Consulting masters student I learned that startup businesses need to focus on efforts that will help them build a sustainable base as quickly as possible. From there, they can grow and succeed. All the best companies have started from this low base, even the multi-billion corporations of today. Organizational development is just one highly effective method to help startups succeed.


What Is Organizational Development?

In short, this is a deliberate plan put in place for the whole organization to follow. It will improve the effectiveness and efficiency within the company, which is the best way to garner success. However, there is much more to the concept than just planning when it comes to startup development. It requires time, research and a lot of hard work to get a suitable plan together that will work for the specific organization.

Organizational development relies on the psychologists, cultural anthropologists and sociologist, among other behavioral scientists to create an application that will work. Together they create a plan that helps the company grow while focusing on the development of the humans within the company. It uses training and development, systems thinking, employee feedback and action research throughout the process to help. Once you read more about organizational development, you learn the difference between organizational development and strategic consulting.


The Growth of Organizational Development

Like many other methods of startup development, this process has gone through various changes over time. It has had to evolve to meet the current technological standards and follow the preferences of people of the day. There are different ways that organizational development has evolved, including:

  • Looking into learning within the organization
  • Using positive psychology
  • Considering motivation
  • Understanding the unpredictability of change
  • Looking into different leadership styles
  • Using the new sciences to help understand different systems of living


Making Organizational Development Work for You

A business cannot just jump straight into this process. It requires someone with the knowledge and experience to help, which means searching for organizational consulting firms. A consultant will then be able to look into the goals for the organization, and create a plan that will not only help you reach those goals but will help you understand more about your own company and the way your people work. You will gain new skills in problem solving, which helps you in the future.Corporate Life Cycle

In fact, it is these skills that have helped organizational development become so popular with business owners. In a short space of time, the owners develop all these skills that can continually be used. When they choose to let go of the consultant, the owner will still take something valuable from it that he or she can still use effectively.

Any type of business, organization or institution will be able to benefit from this form of growth. Education facilities, non-profit organizations and profitable companies all find that there are techniques they can put in place to help them with their own specific goals. This is another thing that makes this so popular with the masses. Training is customized to the specific business, the managers within the organizations will find out more about their own particular talents and the consultants can work with a group as a whole or specific departments to help ensure the success.


Why You Need Organizational Development

As a startup business, you need to consider organizational consulting. It may require some hard work, but it has proven to be successful to help all types of businesses grow and succeed. The most important aspect is that it uses research and scientific approaches, which help to narrow the risks and increase the chances of success.

When you hire a consultant, he will talk to you about your own personal goals. He’ll want to know more about your organization and where you want to see it go in the future. Then, he can talk to your managers, your employees and departments on a while to create a plan that will really work for everyone. You will need to get the whole organization involve, but this is much easier than trying to do it yourself. Some business owners worry about getting the whole team involved, but it helps everyone feel like they matter and contribute something. They are more likely to help your business grow and succeed.

It is worth considering different startup development methods, but organizational development is one that you want at the top of your list. With a scientific approach, it offers more chance of success and will help build your business quicker. Not only do you get the tools to get you to your goals, you learn new techniques to help you in the future.

I will write more in detail about the benefits of organizational development in the future, if you have any comments about the subject please feel free to share in the comment section bellow.


  1. With my digital marketing agency, I’m going through this now so this was a timely read. My goal is to have everyone’s roles and responsibilities defined down to the individual tasks so it’s clear to everyone, but it also serves as a great roadmap for training purposes with new hires.

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