Online Entrepreneurship Degree: Can It Really Help?

Online Entrepreneurship Degree: Can It Really Help?

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Should You Get An Entrepreneurship Degree Online?

Getting an online entrepreneurship degree can be beneficial for you as a startup founder. I myself am a student entrepreneur studying for a Masters in Organizational Consulting, and I feel that Business School has given me many opportunities to improve myself as a business owner.

Online Entrepreneurship Degree

Experience and Skills are Key, School Fills in The Blanks

Let me be clear upfront, my opinion is that entrepreneurs should learn the majority of skills and knowledge on the job, and not in classrooms or online seminars. Even if practical experience matters more than education, I still strongly believe that the importance of studying cannot be overlooked, especially when we are talking about entrepreneurship.

Although I didn’t get my bachelor’s online, I wanted to take the opportunity and talk about the benefits of an online entrepreneurship degree. Now more than ever, in many countries there is a growing demand for online education, an online bachelor’s degree in a business related program such as entrepreneurship, can be very useful for those of you that are running a startup full-time. Many startup CEO’s are busy, and if you can’t find the time to psychically attend classes every week, a flexible online degree might be the right choice for you.


Online Education

Online EducationOver the past 15 years, the internet has made many things easy for all of us. We can reach a whole world of knowledge from the screen of our laptop, tablet or phone. After many notable entrepreneurs used the internet to create amazing products and build successful companies, it is now the turn of business schools to shine, by offering high level education online, which has become very accessible to all parts of the world.

By giving us the option to study for a real degree online, business schools are educating a whole new generation of entrepreneurs and managers. Now you may have heard of endless stories, about how people without any bachelor’s degree have become successful overnight with their online businesses. Please note that chances are slim that you can repeat their history to become a fortune 500 CEO by mistake. The fact is that in today’s world, without proper theoretical business knowledge, your chances to fail increase dramatically.

Therefore, if you are thinking about starting your very own business and managing it full-time, but you feel that school is still something important that you don’t want to give up on, then you need to enroll yourself into an online entrepreneurship degree that can help you develop the knowledge, skills, and ability to run the business more effectively and efficiently.


Why Get an Online Entrepreneurship Degree?

A lot of people would ask why one should opt to study online. It is rather cheaper and convenient to have online classes and assessments, as this gives you the opportunity to get a degree from a reputable university of your choice while managing and running your business at the same time. Starting up a business requires a lot of skills ranging from the communication, leadership, to the knowledge of management. These are just but a few skills that getting an online entrepreneurship degree will impart you with. Therefore, as you think of joining the world of entrepreneurship, then you should also start thinking of enrolling into a program as well. Once you get this, then you can be assured that you will be in a better position to understand the market together with your customers and how to interact with them effectively.


What Will You Get From An Online Entrepreneurship Degree?

1. Preparing a business plan – As you start your business, it begins with an idea, but for this idea to be transformed into a business, you need to put all the plans into writing hence this knowledge is relevant and important. An online entrepreneurship degree will not only give you the necessary knowledge of preparing one but it will also impart you with the use of the business plan to get a startup capital, an important factor for the success of your business.

Online School

2. Winning investors – If you are to compare a person who approaches an investor with an entrepreneurship degree, and another individual who has a business idea with no theoretical knowledge, there’s a high likelihood of the former winning an investor (assuming that they are equal on all other traits). This is because he or she will have the relevant expertise and the business etiquette together with the convincing communication to professionally convince and address the investor.

3. Building a network – A lot of entrepreneurs owe their success to associating with other entrepreneurs who are fully developed and are successful. To create this network, then you need skills and proper knowledge to maneuver your way around among other entrepreneurs not only by being eloquent in business ideas but also by having an extra qualification. You can easily meet other entrepreneurs with your online entrepreneurship degree than when you don’t have. Moreover, to be successful in any field, you need to possess knowledge, have dedication, and be in control – a virtue that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship advocate for.


The Downsides

1. Networking isn’t the same – You won’t be really able to network like a pro studying online, if there is one thing I learned in the schools I attended, it is that nothing beats face to face networking.

2. You will find it hard to study – Did you ever try to do something with friends and then again alone, sometimes the reason you enjoy something is the social interaction, online the social interaction suffers in terms of quality.

3. Investors might not even care if you have any education, and those who will care might ask why you didn’t do a “regular” degree, in some extreme scenarios you might be categorized as socially awkward before you even get the chance to start your pitch.


Choose What Fits You Best

Whatever you choose to do, keep in mind that with an online entrepreneurship degree, you can maneuver your way out in the world of business from the point of building start up to the point of running and managing your business. And always remember that the best school is the one that you visit every day while you are running your business, a degree is important and beneficial for many things, but it alone cannot be the fuel to your success. At the end of the day, you need to choose what fits you best, an online entrepreneurship degree is a new concept, and it will take time before you hear about a famous startup founder that did one.

Bonus: If you already have a undergraduate degree and you are interested in an online MBA, you can take a look at this online MBA ranking list to get an idea about who is the best of the best.

Do you have story to share about online education or entrepreneurship studies? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section bellow.


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