Fiverr Can Help Startups On A Budget

Fiverr Can Help Startups On A Budget

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Two years ago I ran into Fiverr, the idea behind it really astonished me at the beginning, now it is one my favorite places to visit on the internet.

Fiverr is a new kind of marketplace that has sellers who offer services for sums that run between $5 and $40. You might be asking yourself what you can get for five dollars, and if you haven’t heard of Fiverr then there is a chance that you are in for a surprise.

While browsing in Fiverr I found some real bargains for my marketing efforts and personal needs, once I purchased a gig from a guy who singed for my girlfriend happy birthday with garbage bags on his head. Occasionally I buy something more serious like a logo design or a 500 SEO optimized article.

The website opened its gates to the world in the year 2009, bringing a very cool never seen before concept, you can pay $5 and get something that usually would cost you much more somewhere else, and I like to think that it is similar to Elance or oDesk, but with elements of fun and community followed by a semi-professional feeling.

So what can startups find on Fiverr?

The short answer is everything, here is an example: If you can find a professional logo design on the web for your startup for $40 you are a lucky founder, go on Fiverr and you might find what you need for only $5, there are extra gigs that can give you unlimited revisions and a PSD file, it is really up to you and your needs. I used to buy all my logos through 99 Designs but now I think twice before making a final decision, Fiverr is a more than valid option for any work you need.

Fiverr can save cash for startups
I found many cost-efficient gigs there

Fiverr is excellent if you are in need of a banner advertisement on a fashion website or a product review on a small blog to get things going. The  website has an easy to understand rating system, which can give you the necessary information to make a well-chosen purchase.

One of the reasons people on Fiverr will work hard is the rating system, if a seller has a 100% positive feedback on his gig he is likely to succeed in closing a new gig each day (depending on the gig group and popularity). Some gigs can’t be complete before two weeks time because those gigs are so popular, top rated sellers have days that they must pause their gig due to a very high rate of demand. One thing that you should always keep in mind while shopping on Fiverr, is that you are about to get what you pay for, here is an example: If you look at our logo here at Startup Bloggers, as you can see that it is a fairly good-looking logo that is semi-professional. We bought our logo on Fiverr, it cost $15 with extra gigs, and I am proud to say that it was one of the best investments I made for our website.

How to know what gig to buy?

The first thing you need to look for in a gig is the reviews, although I said before that you can see that some gig have 100% positive reviews I can’t necessarily say that these gigs are safe to buy. Usually I use this check list and it work for me very well:

  • Are all the positive reviews different?
  • Is the provider and experienced Fiverr user?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
  • Can I see a work sample?

Here is an example of my gig, you can see clearly that all the positive reviews are by different people and they all have different comments:

Fiverr Positive ReviewsFiverr Gig By Avishai









Click the images to get a closer look


Your list will probably look very different from my list, in the end it is all about your personal concerns, in general I highly recommend using Fiverr, it is a cheap but good solution for many startups I know, and it might be a great tool for your startup.

Would you use Fiverr for any of your startup tasks?


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