Developing an SEO Gameplan for your Startup

Developing an SEO Gameplan for your Startup

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This past year I helped lead the SEO at a startup called When I Work.  From June 2014 – December 2014 our Domain Authority increased from 42 to 50.  I created a gameplan that I call The SEO “Food” Pyramid that we use for a lot of our SEO framework.  These are some of the tips and tricks that helped us gain 8 points in just 6 months.

1. Focus on the Basics First

We started with the basics.  One of the things we noticed was that our page load times were slow.  An easy way to check out your page load times compared with your competition is on quicksprout.


You just put in your website, your competitors websites, and presto – really nice charts.  The company in this chart in first place has a load time of 0.20 seconds – way faster than the third place company of 1.52 seconds.  That makes a huge difference in Google’s opinion of your site.

So what did we do about it – we got back down to basics.  For us – we had the right team in place to just start from scratch – we redesigned and coded a brand new website that was optimized to be super fast.

I wouldn’t recommend that you completely overhaul your website – but sometimes a fresh start is best.  Most of you can simply make some changes – like hooking your site up to a content delivery network (CDN) like Cloudflare.

The point here though – is that we began focusing on the basics.  We focused on the coding of the website, we focused on the URL structure, the headers (H1), the Title Tags, and the overall architecture of the website.  Don’t spend a ton of time here – but you need to make sure this is set up correctly before you move on to the other areas of SEO.  If this isn’t set up correctly – then increasing other areas of your SEO will only increase the inefficiencies you have in the architecture.


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