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    Top Eight Document / Content Management Tips For Startups  

    When you’re in startup mode, everything is exciting and new. There’s no bureaucracy and none of the red tape that drives people to distraction in the corporate world. While that can be fun for a while, one of your primary responsibilities must be to set your company up for successful growth. You don’t have time to waste, so you need to be able to put your hands on the information and documents you need right away. To help achieve your goals, here are the top eight document management tips for startups like yours:

    1. Create a Document Retention Policy Early On

    Document Management

    When people don’t know how long they need to retain a document, or which documents are important, they tend to hold on to everything well beyond its useful life. Help your workers avoid this dilemma by establishing a document retention policy from the start.

    Rather than drowning in a sea of paper that they may or may not need someday, employees can handle a document once and then file it or dispose of it according to the policy. Your whole team will be more efficient because they will be able to find necessary documents more easily, and you’ll be more productive since people won’t be wasting time filing documents you’ll never need.

    In some industries, there are government regulations that specify how long you need to retain various types of documents. If this applies to you, check with a knowledgeable lawyer or consultant to make sure your new policy is in compliance.