Top 4 European Startup Cities

Top 4 European Startup Cities

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Thinking about building your next idea in a European city? Check out these 4 hot startup cities.

What I love about startups is that you can find them usually clustered in cool cities that have much more to offer than office space, startup cities usually form a natural Eco-system that attracts new startups to come and join them. In the current global business environment that is expanding beyond all imagination, entrepreneurs can freely choose from a long list of startup cities where they would like to set-up their business. Each startup hub comes with a different set of benefits as well as challenges, and certain locations are better suited to a given industry than others.

If you are a budding entrepreneur and have your eyes set on the European mainland, then you are in for a real treat. Europe hosts some of the world’s best startup cities, offering a lot of support to the beginners and even more great social activities for the entrepreneurs who want to have fun while working. Here is a list of the top 4 European startup cities that every startup lover must consider.



Holding a global rank of seven, London is considered to be the most successful European startup ecosystem. With a wide range of capital infrastructure, diverse talent and support networks on offer, this is one of the best places to setup a new enterprise. London is the only startup hub in Europe having the maximum number of female tech entrepreneurs.

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London – London Bridge

This city offers a perfect blend of urban diversity, creative industries and governance. Also, the investor tax breaks and introduction of entrepreneur visas are some additional benefits of this startup ecosystem. Most of the time startup founders don’t have much time, but does who do find some spare moments will enjoy one of the most fun cities in Europe.


Tel Aviv:

Ranked globally at the second place, Tel Aviv boasts of the highest startup density in the world. More than 63 companies from Israel are listed on NASDAQ (which is more than the combined number for Europe, China, Korea, Japan and India). This startup ecosystem thrives largely on its energy, as well as a ‘go get it’ attitude. The main recipe for the success of Tel Aviv as a great startup hub is the valuable partnerships with MNC giants, like Intel, IBM and Google.

Startup Capital Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv – Azrieli Towers

This startup hub has a healthy combination of companies in all stages, and there is absolutely no dearth of funding, in the year 2013 companies such as Waze, Scale IO, Soluto and many more were bought out by big brand names such as Google and EMC. Full disclose: I currently work for startup in Tel-Aviv so you should read these 3 following articles before you run to buy yourself a plane ticket to Israel. Last but not least keep in mind that the living cost in Tel Aviv is very high in comparison to most large cities in the world.



Placed at the eleventh position in global rankings, Paris may not be as lucrative a startup hub as London or Tel Aviv, but things are definitely changing for the better. As announced by the French President, this startup ecosystem will introduce several measures, like a startup visa, so as to encourage talented developers to come and work in France. Such drastic measures are bound to change the prevailing attitudes, thus, making Paris quite a lucrative startup hub.

Paris – Arc de Triomphe



With a global ranking of fifteen, Berlin is like a magnet for investors and budding entrepreneurs, from all across the globe. Geographically, this startup ecosystem enjoys better access to Eastern European and Russian markets that are not as mature as the Western European markets. Berlin is one of the few startup cities in the world where both early and late stage startups exist in perfect harmony. Plus, the office space is extremely cheap. Entrepreneurs love Berlin because of the amount of networking that can be done with a beer in one hand and a business card in the other.

Berlin Gate
Brandenburg Gate

As you might imagine there are many more European cities that could fit your startup. Each city speaks a different language and has different rules. One thing all startup cities understand is “Entrepreneurship” and that is the most important factor to consider.

Are you building a startup in a cool European city? Share with us in the comments bellow.


  1. Great post I would have loved to advertise but you need to modify the title and a few sentences : Tel Aviv is NOT in Europe…

    • Thank you Bernard for commenting, I know that Tel Aviv geographically is in Asia but here is a fact I like “2013 UEFA U-21 Championship was the 19th staging of UEFA’s European Under-21 Football Championship. The final tournament was hosted by Israel” This is cited from Wikipedia. No one considers Tel Aviv a middle eastern or Asian city, there is a huge difference between how it looks and how Jerusalem and Haifa look like.

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